We recently completed a custom AgeVerify instance for Clover Hill Wines of Australia that was built with an entirely new approach…we call it ‘Sequential Date of Birth Input’. Which rather than having a user enter in their two digit month, two digit day, and four digit year of birth, they can simply start by entering in their 4 digit year of birth. Depending on the age requirement and the year entered, they will then be allowed access to the website, or if needed prompted for their month of birth, or sen

t to the underage redirect location.

This is a simpler approach that allows website visitors to get in to the website quicker, with less clicks and typing. It’s also a universal approach

to entering in a date of birth so you no longer need to decide between a month/day/year or day/month/year prompt layout.

While this example was done as a custom instance for our client, we will be making this option available for both our Basic and Pro templates at some point in early 2018.