Custom Website Age Verification

Website age verification is an opportunity to engage with your site visitor, share your brand and greet them with something visually stunning and professional. Further enhance the functionality by integrating your Mailchimp signup list, require proof of identity at checkout or even change the functionality and language based on the website visitor location.

The possibilities are endless. Here is some of our best work.

AgeVerify Custom

Standout From the Rest
& Feature Your Brand!

Everything Included with Pro,
PLUS the Following Options:


  • Add Your Logo and Branding

  • Add a Custom Background Image or Video

  • Mailchimp Integration! Easily collect email, date of birth or any other info directly in to your Mailchimp account.
    ***NEW FEATURE***

  • Add Geolocation Based Age Requirements

  • Add Multi-Location Functionality
    (State, Country, Province, etc)

  • Buttons, Text and Inputs Color Coded to Match Your Website

  • Use Any Custom Font

  • Add Your Social Media Links

  • Add ‘Remember Me’ Functionality

  • Include or Exclude Specific Pages

  • Display in Multiple Languages


One-Time Purchase
No Subscription Fees!

Greenman Acres ↗

Features: Location Selector / Date of Birth Input

Bold Growth Cannabis ↗

Features: Location Dropdown Select / Remember Me / Date of Birth Input

Thrive Nevada Cannabis ↗

Features: Single Button Prompt

Guinness Brewing ↗

Features: Date of Birth Input / Full Screen Background Image

Try Chemistry Cannabis ↗

Features: Mailchimp Integration with DOB Collection / Full Screen Background

Clover Hill Vineyards ↗

Features: Fullscreen Background Image / Sequential Date of Birth Input

Matomota Cannabis ↗

Features: Dual Button Prompt

Homegrown Oregon Cannabis ↗

Features: Looped Background Video / Sequential Date of Birth Input