AgeVerify is proud to have provided thousands of vape shops with the services they need to help ensure only appropriate audiences are accessing their products. Our work with the vaping industry represents a significant part of our business, but it’s also allowed us to meet the people behind the projects: the owners of the mom-and-pop shops and the sole entrepreneurs chasing after their dreams. We are proud of this and encouraged by these relationships.

However, the growth of our business – and the success of the businesses we work with – are at risk under the FDA’s proposed rules on the vaping industry.

The FDA’s rules are good in spirit: they seek to further consumer safety and keep children from accessing illicit products, goals which AgeVerify strongly supports. However, in practice, the rules would stifle business in the vaping industry and the tech world alike.

One solution, known as the Cole-Bishop Act, seeks to add more flexibility by changing the proposed FDA enforcement date from 2007 to 2016, without compromising on public safety and restricting underage access. This approach strikes the right balance. We encourage our state’s lawmakers to consider the Cole-Bishop Act as a measure that helps protect the public, while allowing business like ours to continue harnessing the opportunity created by the vaping industry.

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