We are excited to announce that in our latest code update, AgeVerify no longer uses browser cookies to track individuals that have successfully completed the age gate process. Previously, we used cookies to determine whether or not an age gate needed to prompt an individual for their age, or if they had already done so. With our latest code update, we now use browser storage.

Browser storage is a faster, more secure way to store data. With the Basic version of AgeVerify, we will use session storage to identify individuals that have already completed the age gate process. For the Pro and Custom versions of AgeVerify, we will use session storage as well, but will also use local storage for our ‘Remember Me’ functionality.

Session & local storage is supported across all major browsers for both mobile devices and traditional desktop browsers. To learn more about local browser storage and the differences between session storage and local storage, check out this excellent overview – https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Window/sessionStorage